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Product Net wt. Packing M. R. P. (Rs.) Quantity
Instant Mousse - Chocolate 100 gms Carton 80.00
Jelly Crystals (Gelatine) - Orange 100 gms Carton 50.00
Jelly Crystals (Gelatine) - Pineapple 100 gms Carton 50.00
Jelly Crystals (Gelatine) - Raspberry 85 gms Carton 50.00
Jelly Crystals (Gelatine)- -Strawberry 100 gms Carton 50.00
Whipped Cream 50 gms Carton 60.00
Eggless Cake Mix - Chocolate 250g Carton 135.00
Eggless Cake Mix - Vanilla 250g Carton 135.00
Eggless Cooker Cake Mix - Chocolate 180g Carton 95.00
Eggless Cooker Cake Mix - Vanilla 180g Carton 95.00
Gulab Jamun Mix 200g Carton 75.00
Baking Soda 100g Carton 25.00
Instant Dry Yeast 20g Carton 30.00
Gelatine 50g Carton 90.00
Falooda Mix - Kesar 200g Pouch 75.00
Falooda Mix - Mango 200g Pouch 75.00
Falooda Mix - Rose 200g Pouch 75.00
Falooda Mix - Strawberry 200g Pouch 75.00
Iced Tea - Lemon 400 gms Pouch 150.00
Iced Tea - Peach 400 gms Pouch 150.00


Freight charges, as applicable, will be informed to you by email.


Payment should be made in advance by depositing cheque or fund transfer to our bank account.

Bank HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch Crawford Market
A/c Name M/s. Blue Bird Foods India Pvt.Ltd.
A/c No. 01432320012896
NEFT Code HDFC0000143

Payment can also be made in our PayTm account
PayTm Number : 9820182952


Following M.R.P. is revised on 1st Oct, 2017. Prices are inclusive of GST. 10% discount is offered on orders placed online. M.R.P. as on the date of the order will be applicable on the date of the placing the order.