Chocolate Mousse


The French Delight

BLUE BIRD Mousse is an instant dessert that can be made in just 3 minutes of whipping & 15 minutes of setting time. Kids love its taste, elders love it for its soft, smooth & creamier nature.

Packing size

  • 100 g Carton
  • 500 g Pouch

Directions for use

  • Dissolve BLUE BIRD Chocolate Mousse (entire content of the packet) in 200 ml (8º C) cold milk.
  • Whip the mixture with an electric whipper for 3 minutes, at maximum speed. In case of a manual whipper whip it for 6 minutes.
  • Refrigerate for about 15 minutes and now your delicious Chocolate Mousse is ready to serve.


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Mousse is a form of a creamy dessert, typically made from egg and cream. Once only a specialty of French restaurants, Chocolate Mousse entered into other countries in the 1960. We have developed this Instant Mousse without the egg so that the vegetarians can also enjoy this French dessert. The recipe of Mousse is such that you can make the Mousse in just 3 minutes.