About Us

About Us

BLUE BIRD... The taste that lingers...

On the tongue of the satisfied customers. The company was founded by brothers Gambhirdas Shah and Anantrai Shah way back in 1950s as United Trading Corporation. The firm then dealt in just the import of food products.

Post-independence, the government of India banned the import of food products. The company decided to produce the very products in India itself, to satisfy the customer’s demand thus, evolved the brand BLUE BIRD. Even in those early days of lack of resources & technology no compromises were made in the quality. Only the best available ingredients were used for the production and the tradition still follows. BLUE BIRD as a brand has achieved the quality compatible to the International standard.

It is surprising to look at the market BLUE BIRD has captivated without any formal advertising. The satisfied customers and the mouth to mouth publicity is the advantage that has made it a brand meant for the masses and the classes.

With an array of over 23 products to choose from BLUE BIRD is constantly making innovations and successfully launching new products. BLUE BIRD understands the value of your money and thats the reason it gives you the best quality products. The Company strives to maintain the quality for which it has always been known.